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Xorbits is an open-source computing framework that makes it easy to scale data science and machine learning workloads — from data loading to preprocessing, tuning, training, and model serving. Xorbits can leverage multi cores or GPUs to accelerate computation on a single machine, or scale out up to thousands of machines to support processing terabytes of data.

Xorbits provides a suite of best-in-class libraries for data scientists and machine learning practitioners. Xorbits provides the capability to scale tasks without the necessity for extensive knowledge of infrastructure.

  • Xorbits Data: Load and process datasets, from small to large, using the tools you love💜, such as pandas and Numpy.

  • Xorbits Train: Train your own state-of-the-art models for ML and DL frameworks such as PyTorch, XGBoost, etc.

  • Xorbits Tune: Finetune your models by running state of the art algorithms such as PEFT.

  • Xorbits Inference: Scalable serving to deploy state-of-the-art models. Integrate with the most popular deep learning libraries, like PyTorch, ggml, etc.

Xorbits features a familiar Python API that supports a variety of libraries, including pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, PyTorch, XGBoost, Xarray, etc. With a simple modification of just one line of code, your pandas workflow can be seamlessly scaled using Xorbits:

pandas on Xorbits

As for the name of xorbits, it has many meanings, you can treat it as X-or-bits or X-orbits or xor-bits, just have fun to comprehend it in your own way.

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