Series.dt.total_seconds(*args, **kwargs)#

Return total duration of each element expressed in seconds.

This method is available directly on TimedeltaArray, TimedeltaIndex and on Series containing timedelta values under the .dt namespace.


When the calling object is a TimedeltaArray, the return type is ndarray. When the calling object is a TimedeltaIndex, the return type is an Index with a float64 dtype. When the calling object is a Series, the return type is Series of type float64 whose index is the same as the original.

Return type

ndarray, Index or Series

See also


Standard library version of this method.


Return a DataFrame with components of each Timedelta.



>>> s = pd.Series(pd.to_timedelta(np.arange(5), unit='d'))  
>>> s  
0   0 days
1   1 days
2   2 days
3   3 days
4   4 days
dtype: timedelta64[ns]
>>> s.dt.total_seconds()  
0         0.0
1     86400.0
2    172800.0
3    259200.0
4    345600.0
dtype: float64


>>> idx = pd.to_timedelta(np.arange(5), unit='d')  
>>> idx  
TimedeltaIndex(['0 days', '1 days', '2 days', '3 days', '4 days'],
               dtype='timedelta64[ns]', freq=None)
>>> idx.total_seconds()  
Index([0.0, 86400.0, 172800.0, 259200.0, 345600.0], dtype='float64')

This docstring was copied from pandas.core.indexes.accessors.CombinedDatetimelikeProperties.