Series.plot.area(*args, **kwargs)#

Draw a stacked area plot.

An area plot displays quantitative data visually. This function wraps the matplotlib area function.

  • x (label or position, optional (Not supported yet)) – Coordinates for the X axis. By default uses the index.

  • y (label or position, optional (Not supported yet)) – Column to plot. By default uses all columns.

  • stacked (bool, default True (Not supported yet)) – Area plots are stacked by default. Set to False to create a unstacked plot.

  • **kwargs – Additional keyword arguments are documented in DataFrame.plot().


Area plot, or array of area plots if subplots is True.

Return type

matplotlib.axes.Axes or numpy.ndarray

See also


Make plots of DataFrame using matplotlib / pylab.


Draw an area plot based on basic business metrics:

(Source code)

Area plots are stacked by default. To produce an unstacked plot, pass stacked=False:

(Source code)

Draw an area plot for a single column:

(Source code)

Draw with a different x:

(Source code)

This docstring was copied from pandas.plotting._core.PlotAccessor.