Series.str.endswith(pat: str | tuple[str, ...], na: Scalar | None = None) Series | Index#

Test if the end of each string element matches a pattern.

Equivalent to str.endswith().

  • pat (str or tuple[str, ...]) – Character sequence or tuple of strings. Regular expressions are not accepted.

  • na (object, default NaN) – Object shown if element tested is not a string. The default depends on dtype of the array. For object-dtype, numpy.nan is used. For StringDtype, pandas.NA is used.


A Series of booleans indicating whether the given pattern matches the end of each string element.

Return type

Series or Index of bool

See also


Python standard library string method.


Same as endswith, but tests the start of string.


Tests if string element contains a pattern.


>>> s = pd.Series(['bat', 'bear', 'caT', np.nan])  
>>> s  
0     bat
1    bear
2     caT
3     NaN
dtype: object
>>> s.str.endswith('t')  
0     True
1    False
2    False
3      NaN
dtype: object
>>> s.str.endswith(('t', 'T'))  
0     True
1    False
2     True
3      NaN
dtype: object

Specifying na to be False instead of NaN.

>>> s.str.endswith('t', na=False)  
0     True
1    False
2    False
3    False
dtype: bool

This docstring was copied from pandas.core.strings.accessor.StringMethods.