Series.str.fullmatch(pat, case: bool = True, flags: int = 0, na=None)#

Determine if each string entirely matches a regular expression.

  • pat (str) – Character sequence or regular expression.

  • case (bool, default True) – If True, case sensitive.

  • flags (int, default 0 (no flags)) – Regex module flags, e.g. re.IGNORECASE.

  • na (scalar, optional) – Fill value for missing values. The default depends on dtype of the array. For object-dtype, numpy.nan is used. For StringDtype, pandas.NA is used.

Return type

Series/Index/array of boolean values

See also


Similar, but also returns True when only a prefix of the string matches the regular expression.


Extract matched groups.


>>> ser = pd.Series(["cat", "duck", "dove"])  
>>> ser.str.fullmatch(r'd.+')  
0   False
1    True
2    True
dtype: bool

This docstring was copied from pandas.core.strings.accessor.StringMethods.