xorbits.pandas.read_spss(path: str | Path, usecols: Sequence[str] | None = None, convert_categoricals: bool = True, dtype_backend: DtypeBackend | lib.NoDefault = _NoDefault.no_default) DataFrame[source]#

Load an SPSS file from the file path, returning a DataFrame.

  • path (str or Path) – File path.

  • usecols (list-like, optional) – Return a subset of the columns. If None, return all columns.

  • convert_categoricals (bool, default is True) – Convert categorical columns into pd.Categorical.

  • dtype_backend ({'numpy_nullable', 'pyarrow'}, default 'numpy_nullable') –

    Back-end data type applied to the resultant DataFrame (still experimental). Behaviour is as follows:

    • "numpy_nullable": returns nullable-dtype-backed DataFrame (default).

    • "pyarrow": returns pyarrow-backed nullable ArrowDtype DataFrame.

    New in version 2.0(pandas).

Return type



>>> df = pd.read_spss("spss_data.sav")  


This method has not been implemented yet. Xorbits will try to execute it with pandas.

This docstring was copied from pandas.