Series.argsort(axis: Axis = 0, kind: SortKind = 'quicksort', order: None = None) Series[source]#

Return the integer indices that would sort the Series values.

Override ndarray.argsort. Argsorts the value, omitting NA/null values, and places the result in the same locations as the non-NA values.

  • axis ({0 or 'index'}) – Unused. Parameter needed for compatibility with DataFrame.

  • kind ({'mergesort', 'quicksort', 'heapsort', 'stable'}, default 'quicksort') – Choice of sorting algorithm. See numpy.sort() for more information. ‘mergesort’ and ‘stable’ are the only stable algorithms.

  • order (None) – Has no effect but is accepted for compatibility with numpy.


Positions of values within the sort order with -1 indicating nan values.

Return type


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Returns the indices that would sort this array.


>>> s = pd.Series([3, 2, 1])  
>>> s.argsort()  
0    2
1    1
2    0
dtype: int64


This method has not been implemented yet. Xorbits will try to execute it with pandas.

This docstring was copied from pandas.core.series.Series.