Series.combine_first(other) pandas.core.series.Series[source]#

Update null elements with value in the same location in ‘other’.

Combine two Series objects by filling null values in one Series with non-null values from the other Series. Result index will be the union of the two indexes.


other (Series) – The value(s) to be used for filling null values.


The result of combining the provided Series with the other object.

Return type


See also


Perform element-wise operation on two Series using a given function.


>>> s1 = pd.Series([1, np.nan])  
>>> s2 = pd.Series([3, 4, 5])  
>>> s1.combine_first(s2)  
0    1.0
1    4.0
2    5.0
dtype: float64

Null values still persist if the location of that null value does not exist in other

>>> s1 = pd.Series({'falcon': np.nan, 'eagle': 160.0})  
>>> s2 = pd.Series({'eagle': 200.0, 'duck': 30.0})  
>>> s1.combine_first(s2)  
duck       30.0
eagle     160.0
falcon      NaN
dtype: float64


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